EMPATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE // EPISODE 46 - "My Hole Expands (Gaping it to the Limit in the 1212 portal)"

Allan MacDonell (writer and punk rock pioneer, co-inventor of the slam dance so I’ve just seen on google books!!) and Annie sit down to have a chat about all kinds of stuff including Allan’s new book Now That I Am Gone, his days in the early 70’s LA punk scene, writing for Slash Magazine and how Allan trail-blazed the pictures-of-girls-peeing movement in porn from his days working at Hustler. All this in the gaping center of the 1212 portal!!!



Hi Jed!!! We haven’t done a podcast episode in awhile. Here’s one with my friend Kevvy again. It’s a whatchamacalit episode where I’m on his podcast and he’s on mine? And it’s the same episode? But on both of ours? Idk what the fuck the kids call this shit but Kevvy is my Canadian rockstar friend from the band Fake Shark 🦈 and an Empath and he’s tite. And idk what to say for the description. I guess just copy and paste what I’m writing here. Fuck it. No time. The end is nigh!  

Thanks Jed you’re still the best!