MONKEY TENNIS // Episode 16 - Surprise bonus episode!

Ahead of the new series proper, we rifle through your emails and tweets to answer some pressing Alan queries from past series: Who is Michael's mystery houseguest? What would a Fernando spinoff look like? We also wade into the poloneck vs turtleneck debate, touch briefly (and carefully) on Saville, play a game of Partridge Amongst the Pixels and lose our minds over a pint glass - or is it a human leg? // Get in touch:, and @thepartridgepod on Twitter.

MONKEY TENNIS // Episode 13 - ‘Alan Wide Shut’ (S2E6)

It's the last Monkey Tennis episode of the series, but don't be blue, Peter. We crunch the numbers to work out how many Toblerones Alan bought, whether driving barefoot is illegal and what happens if you only eat crisps?

Plus, ever wondered if Partridge quotes can find you love? We have our first ever guest interview in the shape of Hannah, the creator of

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MONKEY TENNIS // Episode 12 - 'I Know What Alan Did Last Summer'

In the penultimate episode of the series, we ponder where giant Beefeater bears come from, sing some Bill Withers and discuss British Isles breakfasts. PLUS, we consider how famous Alan is, how convincing 'fake Bono' is, and play a game of Alan's House or Adam's House.

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MONKEY TENNIS // Episode 11 - 'Never Say Alan Again'

Stop getting Alan wrong! This week we answer the big questions: Does VHS + juice = ruined? What are the secrets behind Sonja's Bono notebook? Who honked first - Tex & Michael or Jeremy & Mark? Plus, we discuss Lynn's speed-grieving, THAT pay-rise, Nick squares up to Gordon (figuratively) and we play Partridge or Morrissey. Glang! Glangalangalangalangalangalang.

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MONKEY TENNIS // Episode 10 - ‘Bravealan’ (S2E3)

We're all chubbed up on our cups o'beans this week, as we talk about Sonja's practical jokes, Lynn's stealth trumps and Alan's poor grasp of condiments. 
PLUS: we discuss how brave it is to lose a hand, play the Alan food quiz and Nick makes some 'very smart observations'.

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