Hey everyone, we have come to one of my favourite episodes of Red Dwarf ever, 'Thanks for The Memory'! Yes it isnt flashy and there are barely any interesting spacey effects, but this gets maximum points from myself and Daniela for the way it developed the relationship between Lister and Rimmer. You really see the affection they have for each other (but hide most of the time) and its something Daniela and I could learn alot from.

You will notice that we argued for alot of this podcast, mostly because of Daniela's rise in popularity amongst Red Dwarf fans on the official Red Dwarf site!  They asked me to make her join, and she has now signed up and awaiting approval! Be nice to her guys! Please do not start the hashtag #welovedaniela though, as this is meant to be a partnership, not the Daniela show... :)

This is also the episode where the infamous "Triple Friend Egg, Chilli, Chutney Sarnie" makes an appearance and has forever lived in the hearts and stomachs of die-hard Red Dwarf fans. SO, I made it on the podcast and you can hear the disgusting results. Daniela was not happy as she hates eggs (How can someone hate eggs? That's like hating oxygen) Happy birthday to her mum! Watch me eat this classic sandwich below. As Im writing this, Im feeling a little queasy.


I was very excited to speak to Sabra Williams who plays the main object of affection in this episode, Lise Yates and she gave me the impression she doesnt talk about Red Dwarf too much (it was a long time ago!). We also discuss her work with Tom Cruise, her role opposite Kyle Maclachlan AND her current work with the legend that is Tim Robbins! We also find out what happened when she met Ed Bye in Los Angeles! My fave thing she has ever done (besides Red Dwarf) is her stint as presenter of the weirdest childrens show ever, GHOST TRAIN!

Below a video I discussed with Sabra (I had to cut most of the 'Ghost Train' talk out as this episode is already the longest one ever!) where she fires generla knowledge questions at quite a scared looking child. If she gets it wrong, they all get gunged! She gets it wrong every time and at one stage you can hear the kid whimper "MUM!". Scary stuff, but I absolutely loved this show! You truly wouldnt get a kids TV show like this right now, as pitching a show about the ownership of a Ghost Train, while running from someone called Barry Mafia and befriending a talking sheep called Nobby, is too much to take in the 21st century.

One more GHOST TRAIN video and this one is incredible. Its Sabra interviewing ADAM ANT. Holy cow, this is very surreal, but Sabra deals with his interesting behaviour (for a kids show anyway) very well!

Thanks so much to Sabra and if you want to find out more about her, you can check out these places:

and most of all, she wants to learn more about Twitter, so make sure you click on this link, follow her and say hello!

Once again, thanks to everyone who has made SMEGHEADS their very own podcast, and have told their friends about it. It means alot to us to see you guys talk about it on forums and social networks. If you havent already subscribed, please do and I promise it hasnt gone to our heads (well at least not me... this is how Daniela turned up today!)

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Daniela and I will see you next week Smegheads and this time I will leave you with the weirdest Red Dwarf video I have seen for a while. Some Americans recreated a part of "Thanks for the Memory" in their own inimitable style. I dont know what this is, and I dont want to look to deep into it. enjoy and goodbye!