Myself and Daniela are joined this week by Tom Dark (far left) and Tom Stabb (second from left) and they bring props, quizzes and preparation! 

Myself and Daniela are joined this week by Tom Dark (far left) and Tom Stabb (second from left) and they bring props, quizzes and preparation! 

So many good episodes in Series 2, and this is one of the best of a good bunch. Queeg sees Red Dwarf's amiable computer, Holly, being succeeded by the backup computer named QUEEG 500. Holly has to prove himself to be the better computer and win back the trust if the crew. Is he as incompetent as everyone believes him to be? Yeah probably.


Daniela and I discuss this episode and detail but we are joined by friends and big Red Dwarf fans, Tom Dark and Tom Stabb. Yes they sound like amateur magicians orHarry Potter characters, but no they are real people with real feelings! It's the first time we have had guests in the studio for this podcast, and it worked really well! Yes, I know we shouldnt mess too much with a winning format - that dynamic is unshakeable! - but getting other people's perspectives proved invaluable! 

I also read Daniela a Red Dwarf inspired poem that Harry from the Red Dwarf forum wrote for her. The Daniela fanbase keeps growing!

Below you can watch the full episode of Queeg totally illegally, but it's also on Netflix which will be much better quality.

The Two Toms (again, not magicians or a Hans Christian Anderson story) bring a new feature to Smegheads, and thats "TEST DANIELA"! A quiz designed to see if she has been paying attention, which is better than it sounds! Daniela has been sick recently, so her mind is muddled but you will have to listen to find out how she does.

This is also the first podcast episode where we introduce props! We had a bell that rung when Daniela got a question right and a smoke machine that engulfed her face if she got it wrong. Yes, it sounds very visual, but it also works very well as audio!

Below are the extras from the Red Dwarf DVDs with a few more snippets of info about Queeg - nothing that incredible, but it's here for completist purposes.

In my mind this is the best episode we have done so far as it was lots of fun, packed with tons of Red Dwarf information AND I got to use a smoke machine. The quiz was a particular highlight too!

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As Tom Dark works for Warners/Parlophone and Tom Stabb works for Sony/Columbia, over the next two weeks they have made SMEGHEADS EXCLUSIVE MIXTAPES for all you guys out there. These are either the best bands on the label, or up and comers that will enable you to shout "Hey Stranger, I heard that band first!". This week it's Tom Dark's mixtape. Click on the link and give it a listen!

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NEXT WEEK: The Two Toms return but they bring with them exclusive knowledge. They bring the record sales and streaming details of Danny John Jules' (Cat) Tongue Tied! We find out exactly how many records were sold in 1993 (release) and how many have been sold since! You will be surprised! Join us on the season finale of... SMEGHEADS!

This week I will leave you with this pretty epic orchestral version of the Red Dwarf theme along with a choir belting out the lyrics - albeit kinda wrong. It's still really good though and I wish there was a recorded version of it rather than a youtube/mobile phone version. See you next week Smegheads!

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