Billy from The Subways turned up at POST/POP with his SMEGHEAD tshirt! That's dedication to the podcast!

Billy from The Subways turned up at POST/POP with his SMEGHEAD tshirt! That's dedication to the podcast!

Red Dwarf Series III is all KILLER no FILLER, so once again, this is an episode that is considered one of the best. Not just for Red Dwarf, but for British TV Comedy in general. Its hard to disagree but just so we have a second opinion, we have recruited the wonderful BILLY LUNN from the awesome band THE SUBWAYS, and look he even turned up in a SMEG HEAD tshirt!

Did I mention that the episode in question is... POLYMORPH? No? It's POLYMORPH!

Below is what happens when we have a rock star on a Red Dwarf podcast. Its the backing singers that make it!


w/ backing vocals from Jed & Daniela from SMEGHEADS podcast.

This episode we talk all things Polymorph, and dive deeper into the theory that Cat & Kryten are the same person/ have never spoken to each other on Red Dwarf. I think you'll find the results are surprising (though 99% probably a coincidence). As we have a rockstar in our midst we discuss how Billy first got into Red Dwarf and he reveals he wrote to Chris Barrie (with no reply) as well as his experience with Guy Ritchie on the film RockNRolla (video at bottom of page)

 Below is the obligatory video of Lister's boxers shrinking, which begs the question, was he going commando before this?

When a Polymorph sneaks on board the ship, the Red Dwarf boys are in for more than a few surprises. 

If you have already listened to the podcast, you will know that Billy compares post-polymorph Rimmer to a certain leader of the opposition (though his wife is sure that it looks like Billy himself). What do you think?

The Red Dwarf team get their best personality traits removed by a Polymorph. 

Thanks once again to Billy Lunn from The Subways for coming on the podcast, and if you guys want to know more about Billy and his band, check out   and watch the videos below. Before that is a weird Iowa local channel with an intro from a guy named Mike Frisbee who apparently introduced each Red Dwarf episode from the confines of a psychedelic negative zone!

See you guys next week, and dont forget to subscribe and spread the word about SMEGHEADS. Here is a convenient link you can pass on to your friends!

Classic Iowa Public Television intro for the "Red Dwarf" episode; "Polymorph" with your host, Mike Frisbie! (1998) 



Jed & Daniela