'Timeslides' is an episode that filled  me with so much joy as a child. Here was a method to go inside any photo or film and change world history, More importantly it was a way to change your own personal history. The wish fulfilment quota in this episode is high and in the podcast, Daniela and I ask ourselves the question "Where would you go if you could travel back anywhere through time?"

I of course wouldn't bother too much about important historical events; instead I would travel back to all the concerts of all my favourite now defunct/dead bands. Watching the Beatles and Hendrix and Elvis and ABBA at the height of their powers would be incredible. Seeing them play their first ever gigs, even more so. Daniela would probably go back and visit the set of Murder She Wrote and try to sneak into classic scenes (the episodes with Tom Bosley were my fave).

Series III is forever considered the best Red Dwarf can be, what with its exploration of life outside the confines of the small rough one, the best comedy moments, the best sci-fi concepts and the best action! This is likely all true, but for me, the thing it lacks the most is the subtlety that made Series 1 & 2 so memorable, particularly 2. 'Marooned' is the only episode where the relationship between Lister and Rimmer (the best part of Red Dwarf) is examined and expanded upon, so thats why I prefer Series 5 or 2.

This is a GREAT episode though, but you already know that as you're a Red Dwarf fan! The next episode is 'The Last Day' and the season finale BUT before that we may drop our exciting "Jed & Daniela goes to Red Dwarf XI" episode! As Im writing this, the filming is tomorrow and I will record us on the way to Pinewood and back again. The sound is gonna be terrible, but hey its an adventure and I want you guys to experience it with us!

So thanks again for listening, subscribing, being awesome and we will see you again next week Smegheads!



Jed & Daniela


p.s. I've left some 'Timeslides' related videos below for you to peruse. That last one is quite... quite odd.


Below is a unused idea from Timeslides where Lister meets his dad. Obvs you find out who is dead really is in later episodes, so its pretty lucky they didn't use this. It's also not very good at all. Chris Barrie's scouse accent rears its ugly head once again.

The below video is of an American lady convinced that this episode predicts the popular R&B singer The Weeknd. You know, because he has dreads.