If you listened to our Red Dwarf XI preview/adventure episode last week, you will know it's a Kryten-centric episode which funnily enough is the spiritual successor to 'The Last Day'. The parallels are uncanny, from the opening scene to the... [SPOILERS].

Its weird how an episode you used to skip when you were a kid, is the same episode you look forward to now you are an adult. Some people told me before re-watching this, that this was their fave episode of Series III. In the cold light of 2015, its definitely up there. Here we get an episode where Kryten finally breaks his programming (which is properly explored in Series IV) and realises that human characteristics are worth fighting everything he believes in to achieve.

Clip from the BBC sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf S3E06 "The Last Day" Kryten and Dave discuss Silicon Heaven: The afterlife of all electronic appliances when they die. The concept is used to keep robots, many of which are stronger and more intelligent than their masters, from rebelling.

Daniela and I discuss all manner of things in our usual tangent-spawning way. For some reason we keep talking politics, but you also get UNDERWEAR talk, religion, parties and Cryptozoology. You also get the view from the Red Dwarf forum, and also the infamous SMEGHEADS CHART!

Red dwarf Hudzen 10 advert from 'the last day'

As this is the last episode of Series III, and its nearly XMAS, we are talking a break until Jan, where we will resume with Red Dwarf IV! Don't worry though, there will be an XMAS special in the meantime, and I will drop in special episodes to fill in the gaps!

Thanks so much for listening and subscribing, your support means alot to Daniela and I! With the new series(s) around the corner, the podcast is picking up steam, with each new episode being listened to by more people than the last. Lets keep up the momentum! 

See you later for THE SMEGHEADS XMAS SPECIAL, hope you have a great one!




Jed & Daniela



p.s. I'm leaving you this week with an hour long loop of the "OHM SONG" from the last episode. You know, just in case you need something to help you sleep.