The Cats had 3 million years to explore Red Dwarf and get an actual photo of Lister from his bunk!

The Cats had 3 million years to explore Red Dwarf and get an actual photo of Lister from his bunk!

It took 4 episodes, but FINALLY we discover a little bit more about CAT! So far he has been a little one dimensional, and to be honest, he is this way until Season 3, but here we get to see him at his most Cat-like. We see why he is always creeping around the air ducts, and *SPOILERS* the fact he is not the only CAT aboard!

This will be the podcast known mostly for our ideas on what "Cat books" we would want to read. I apologise in advance for our childish answers...

I love the stuff about the Cat arks, and its a real shame that Red Dwarf has not explored the option of meeting the second Cat Ark (the other one flew into a sun) as the prospect of a shipful of them can only make our Cat a fuller character. 

The stuff about Lister being the Cat "God" is always brilliant and I also hope this is explored more in Seasons XI and XII.

I've always been a little suss about the whole Cat evolution thing. In 3 Millions years of Cat evolution, from Lister's pat cat 'Frankenstein' to Danny John Jules, not a single Cat explored the ship (until Lister came out of Stasis)? Nothing has moved or been touched by the Cat people. The remains of the crew are still around the ship when Lister comes out of stasis... everything is exactly the same. 3 million years and the Cats just stayed in that small room in the air duct? 

Also what did they eat? the food supplies aboard Red Dwarf would have run out, not to mention the radiation leak would have made it inedible? I guess they could have grown their own food and then carefully destroyed all evidence of it (and their society) before they left?

They had the ability to build two massive spaceships (arks) to leave Red Dwarf to find Fuschal, but why didnt at least one group of them just fly Red Dwarf to the required destination? How did they build the ships?


Maybe this is why the history of the Cats hasn't really been explored any further as then they would have to explain all the massive plotholes. I guess its more fun trying to work it all out!

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