The more we do this podcast, the more I realise how Daniela and I have extremely different tastes. I like good stuff, and she likes rubbish stuff. I like the good Red Dwarf episodes, and she celebrates all that is awful. What is most alarming is that a lot of you agree with her opinions over mine. What is going out there on planet earth guys? This episode we discuss an episode of Red Dwarf that most sane people love, BUT some of you seem to dislike since it first aired. Im basing this on the comments on the Red Dwarf forum which I read out in the episode. You guys are living on the edge of upside-down world.

Listening back during the edit, I realise we segued quite a lot during this episode, so I guess you'll learn more about us and hopefully that will enrich your listening experience. 

The scene below, is not only one of the best scenes in Red Dwarf history, its one of the best in British TV History in my opinion. Of course, Daniela hates it. She thinks its annoying. THAT'S THE POINT DANIELA WITH ONE L PHILLIPS, THATS THE POINT.

So thanks once again for listening and subscribing and telling your friends, the podcast is growing and growing and has become something beautiful and so much fun to do. We have been told by numerous people that they like it more now that "its funny". We haven't changed anything recently, so maybe you've just got used to our humour? If this is the case, the next time you see someone fall over, please let me know your reaction. If it's anything like mine, it's an explosion of laughter, both inappropriate and dickhead-ish.

So I will leave you with the video below, which is my favourite scene from the episode. Happy Valentines Day Smegheads, be good to each other yeah?




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