We are almost at the end of a truly amazing series of Red Dwarf. 12 has brought us a brief low but almost certainly the highest highs we have seen for a very long time. 'M-Corp' is a prime example of that and Jed & Daniela attempt to explain why Red Dwarf is now moving into a new age of unsmegginess!

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After last week's episode, I feared the worst. Would the rest of Red Dwarf XII be as dire? Thankfully MECHOCRACY settled those fears instantly with an absolute stonker of an episode. A return to form isn't doing this justice, as its more like a return to the classic days of Red Dwarf I - VI. Yes this episode (and spoilers: the next couple of episodes) feel like Red Dwarf at its best.

Absolutely loved this episode and you can tell how pleased we are from the excitement in our voices. You also get the usual tangents and enlightenment and you never know, you may learn something! (likely not anything useful).

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p.s. I couldnt find the audio of the astronaut talking about glasses! if you find it, send it to me!