Isn't time weird? It feels like just yesterday when myself and podcast co-presenter Daniela "One L" Phillips decided to do a Red Dwarf podcast, and here we are, starting Series 4 like god damned pros. 'Camille' isn't an episode I particularly cared for while growing up, and I'd find myself inevitably skipping it on my treasured VHS, but this time around I was excited. As an adult I have a new perspective when viewing Red Dwarf. Episodes that felt flat as a kid now have more meaning. The "talky" episodes have now become a favourite. Have I matured? I doubt it, but I guess I've experienced more of the life moments that the "talky" episodes refer to.

In this podcast we have special guest Nick Alder and returning guest Tom Stabb! Yes that Tom Stabb of "Tongue Tied stats" fame. So not only do we get the points of view from these two, we also get an update on how Tongue Tied has done since we asked people to listen to it more. Has it gone up or down? Has the Smegheads effect worked?


I found this bit disturbing. Lister is just full on sex pest!

We also discuss who we would see if we got to meet a Pleasure GELF. The answers may be surprising to some. (I LOVE YOU 80S ERA PHOEBE CATES)

There is also a quiz involving the smoke machine again, so you also have that to look forward to. Thanks for downloading, listening and subscribing and we appreciate your support! Tell your mates and spread the word and we will keep making the podcast as awesome as possible!

We will leave you with this video I found on Youtube where someone has used to music from the end of 'Camille' to soundtrack a meeting of their teddybears. Makes perfect sense.

Next episode is 'DNA' and I think we have the BBC's Rob Jelly on. Should be tickety boo!


See you next week Smegheads!


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I am both scared and amazed by this. What is going on?


If you listened to our Red Dwarf XI preview/adventure episode last week, you will know it's a Kryten-centric episode which funnily enough is the spiritual successor to 'The Last Day'. The parallels are uncanny, from the opening scene to the... [SPOILERS].

Its weird how an episode you used to skip when you were a kid, is the same episode you look forward to now you are an adult. Some people told me before re-watching this, that this was their fave episode of Series III. In the cold light of 2015, its definitely up there. Here we get an episode where Kryten finally breaks his programming (which is properly explored in Series IV) and realises that human characteristics are worth fighting everything he believes in to achieve.

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'Timeslides' is an episode that filled  me with so much joy as a child. Here was a method to go inside any photo or film and change world history, More importantly it was a way to change your own personal history. The wish fulfilment quota in this episode is high and in the podcast, Daniela and I ask ourselves the question "Where would you go if you could travel back anywhere through time?"

I of course wouldn't bother too much about important historical events; instead I would travel back to all the concerts of all my favourite now defunct/dead bands. Watching the Beatles and Hendrix and Elvis and ABBA at the height of their powers would be incredible. Seeing them play their first ever gigs, even more so. Daniela would probably go back and visit the set of Murder She Wrote and try to sneak into classic scenes (the episodes with Tom Bosley were my fave).

Series III is forever considered the best Red Dwarf can be, what with its exploration of life outside the confines of the small rough one, the best comedy moments, the best sci-fi concepts and the best action! This is likely all true, but for me, the thing it lacks the most is the subtlety that made Series 1 & 2 so memorable, particularly 2. 'Marooned' is the only episode where the relationship between Lister and Rimmer (the best part of Red Dwarf) is examined and expanded upon, so thats why I prefer Series 5 or 2.

This is a GREAT episode though, but you already know that as you're a Red Dwarf fan! The next episode is 'The Last Day' and the season finale BUT before that we may drop our exciting "Jed & Daniela goes to Red Dwarf XI" episode! As Im writing this, the filming is tomorrow and I will record us on the way to Pinewood and back again. The sound is gonna be terrible, but hey its an adventure and I want you guys to experience it with us!

So thanks again for listening, subscribing, being awesome and we will see you again next week Smegheads!



Jed & Daniela

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Red Dwarf Series III is all KILLER no FILLER, so once again, this is an episode that is considered one of the best. Not just for Red Dwarf, but for British TV Comedy in general. Its hard to disagree but just so we have a second opinion, we have recruited the wonderful BILLY LUNN from the awesome band THE SUBWAYS, and look he even turned up in a SMEG HEAD tshirt!

Did I mention that the episode in question is... POLYMORPH? No? It's POLYMORPH!

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'Marooned' is one of my favourite ever Red Dwarf episodes. You can keep your all-action sci-fi monster episodes, I'm the kinda guy that loves the bottle episodes where its just REAL TALK and REAL EMOTIONS whereas my co-host Daniela is the type of girl who wants to shoot and ask questions later. So you see, she was never going to like this episode as much as me, with its subtlety and nuances and guys telling other guys how they feel...

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Where will this reach on the SMEGHEADS chart? Chances are pretty pretty high.

Where will this reach on the SMEGHEADS chart? Chances are pretty pretty high.

I'm sitting here writing this with the new knowledge that this little podcast, which we never really thought anyone would ever listen to besides our mates, is now the 5th most popular Film/TV podcast on iTunes. So just wanted to start this off by saying thank you so much for subscribing and listening and spreading the word. Word of Mouth is a powerful thing and you guys must have said some nice ones, because this is crazy. Daniela and I are very humbled, and will try our best to make every episode better than the last. This podcast doesn't belong to Daniela and I, it belongs to all the SMEGHEADS out there. Sweetabix.

Nick &amp; Daniela dressed like Ghostbusters for this Halloween episode. I dressed like Janine Melnitz as she's the one that does all the admin!

Nick & Daniela dressed like Ghostbusters for this Halloween episode. I dressed like Janine Melnitz as she's the one that does all the admin!

This episode we speak about Series 3 opener 'Backwards' and our special guest is Nick De Semlyen from EMPIRE magazine; the greatest film magazine in the world. Hot off his cover feature on Suicide Squad (where he got the world exclusive interviews with all the cast) he brings his experience with Red Dwarf and also the scariest story you have heard in your life... about a pie. #GHOSTPIE.

YES this is also a HALLOWEEN special, so at any opportune moment we try to segue into something remotely supernatural (listeners to my radio show - RIP - will know this skill well) so its a real bumper show! At 2 hours and 7 minutes long, you are really getting your iPhone battery's worth here! Nick tests us with a "BACKWARDS QUIZ" and then I test them both back with a SMEGHEADS vs EMPIRE Quiz on the episode which is a real treat (or trick?!). We will continue this quiz when more Empire Magazine people are on the show in a few weeks. Who will win? Whose knowledge of Red Dwarf is stronger?

From the 4th Red Dwarf DVD set. Howard plays the theme song backwards, but on the DVD, they didn't play it backwards to show that he did it! So here's what that sounds like.

Above is Howard Goodall (a living genius) playing the Red Dwarf theme backwards and below is a video of all the backwards stuff, forwards! You can see that alot of it doesn't make any sense whatsoever, but thats not the point. Its FUN!

Once you have listened to the podcast you might want to see some of the things we discussed such as Robert the Posessed Doll (who I believe is the subject of the next Annabelle film):

The haunted polar bear painting at Daniela's University that made one student poke his own eyes out with 2 pencils (if easily disturbed please scroll past this quickly as I don't want to be partially blamed for an unsightly accident):

and this is an unconfirmed (and rare) sighting of a Ghost Pie:

So thanks very very much for listening once again, and if you liked it enough to say something nice on iTunes, we would love you forever! Thanks again to Nick De Semlyen for coming into SMEGHEADS and you should really buy a copy of the new Empire Magazine because as you can see from this photo, it's great! See you next week SMEGHEADS!


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It's the last episode of Season 2, and what an episode! 'Parallel Universe' starts off with the massive fan favourite 'Tongue Tied' and it's basically the best thing our eyes have ever seen. Myself and Daniela are once again joined by Tom Dark and Tom Stabb, back by popular demand and they come bearing gifts! They have used their Record Label logins, and brought some very cool stuff to the podcast. They have brought in the detailed sales figures for 'Tongue Tied'! We hear how many records it sold in 1993, and how many since (1994-2015)!

SO, if you are reading this now, presumably you have listened to the podcast and you know what we want you to do. Go listen to 'Tongue Tied' on the streaming service of your choice. Perhaps Spotify? Listen to it repeatedly! Lets get those numbers up! If you so choose, buy it on iTunes! I just have! Its impossible to get it to Xmas number 1, but lets get it somewhere near the top 100! It would only take a bunch of us buying the track or streaming it for a while to achieve good results!

Lister has to face some serious role-reversal consequences when he slips into a parallel universe. Subscribe to Comedy Greats for more hilarious videos:


We discuss ALOT of stuff on this podcast, besides Red Dwarf, as I think its important you get to know us as presenters so we aren't just faceless robots! You can also interact with us on RedDwarf.Co.Uk forums and I really really recommend you join if you are even a casual Red Dwarf fan. Its the number one place to talk about this subject and nobody will judge you if you say how much you fancy Kryten. Its full of great people and Red Dwarf fans should get to know each other, its only the right thing to do with a new series coming up! 

As we have got to the end of Series 2, here are the Smeg Ups. Some of them are even funny!

All the Smeg-Ups from the Red Dwarf crew!

At one point, the Smegheads crew somehow get onto the subject of 'taTu', who myself and Tom Stabb call "one of the best pop bands ever", and I really do believe this! I know this isn't Red Dwarf related, but they should get alot more love than they currently do! 

"Not Gonna Get Us" - the second music video from t.A.T.u.'s debute album "200 Km/H In The Wrong Lane (2003). English language pair to the song "Nas Ne Dogonyat" ("200 Po Vstrechnoi", 2001). ______ Waste Management studio album is out and available at iTunes:

Like last week, due to the Two Toms working in music, here is Tom Stabb's mixtape for you Smegheads. Made up of the best current and new bands from Sony/Columbia! Its really really cool.

And as always, I am going to leave you with a series of the weirdest and wonderful-est Red Dwarf related videos I can find. As its the end of the series, I've found quite a few and they are mostly Tongue Tied covers. The first one is incredible! We will see you next week SMEGHEADS with the start of Season 3! Joining us is Nick De Semelyn from Empire Magazine who will be putting up with myself and Daniela for one of the best episodes of Red Dwarf ever... 'BACKWARDS!' Im so excited!


jed & daniela



So many good episodes in Series 2, and this is one of the best of a good bunch. Queeg sees Red Dwarf's amiable computer, Holly, being succeeded by the backup computer named QUEEG 500. Holly has to prove himself to be the better computer and win back the trust if the crew. Is he as incompetent as everyone believes him to be? Yeah probably.

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Well guys, we are really flying through these episodes and you seem to like them as they are getting more and more popular! This episode we cast our eyes on 'Stasis Leak' which is one of the few times we see the crew of red dwarf pre-accident! The crew find a "stasis leak" which is what Daniela calls "a magic hole" in time, that allows them to go back to before the accident. The boys aim to use this opportunity to save Rimmer (Rimmer) and Kochanski (Lister).

You know the voices, now know the faces! (see I did let her wear the Pokemon hat!)

You know the voices, now know the faces! (see I did let her wear the Pokemon hat!)

Here Lister falls into a self-pity hole and laments the fact he can never catch a break, especially with Kochanski.

But lo, whats this? He does get with Kochanski, albeit 5 years in the future! Damiela and I discuss how unfair it is that he didnt get to have a cheeky snog with his future wife. 

And as always, I will leave you with the weirdest Red Dwarf related video I can find. This time its an unusual cover of the RD theme that the more I watch, the more I love. (There are so many Red Dwarf cover songs on youtube!)

If you havent already subscribed, please do, and tell as many Red Dwarf fans as you can! Also if you want us to sort out a 'SMEGHEADS LIVE!' where we can all get together and record a podcast with a live audience, then let us know!

See you next week Smegheads!