Jed & Daniela get Back To Reality with the final episode of Series V.

Will Jed convince Daniela that this is truly the best episode of Red Dwarf ever? Will she try to put it below Quarantine on the Smegheads chart? Will Queeg be knocked out of the Top 10? Will Daniela sing on this final podcast and get us chucked off iTunes? 


Most importantly, will Tom Stabb be rescued from that damn black hole? Find out in the final episode of Smegheads! (Until Series VI!)



jed & daniela


Jed & Daniela discuss one of the best loved episodes of Red Dwarf, 'The Inquisitor'! Also guest Tom Stabb from 'Monkey Tennis' is still stuck in a black hole (for some reason), find out what happens to him! Is Daniela to blame? Also hear what the guys on the Red Dwarf forum think of this episode. Will they agree with the hosts?


SMEGHEADS is back! Its Series V - aka the greatest Red Dwarf series ever - and we start with a much maligned episode, 'Holoship'.

Join Jed & Daniela as they argue over whether lovey-dovey namby-pamby kissy-kissy episodes are any good? Have their opinions changed now they are adults (well in Daniela's case anyway).

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The more we do this podcast, the more I realise how Daniela and I have extremely different tastes. I like good stuff, and she likes rubbish stuff. I like the good Red Dwarf episodes, and she celebrates all that is awful. What is most alarming is that a lot of you agree with her opinions over mine. What is going out there on planet earth guys? This episode we discuss an episode of Red Dwarf that most sane people love, BUT some of you seem to dislike since it first aired. Im basing this on the comments on the Red Dwarf forum which I read out in the episode. You guys are living on the edge of upside-down world.

Listening back during the edit, I realise we segued quite a lot during this episode, so I guess you'll learn more about us and hopefully that will enrich your listening experience. 

The scene below, is not only one of the best scenes in Red Dwarf history, its one of the best in British TV History in my opinion. Of course, Daniela hates it. She thinks its annoying. THAT'S THE POINT DANIELA WITH ONE L PHILLIPS, THATS THE POINT.

So thanks once again for listening and subscribing and telling your friends, the podcast is growing and growing and has become something beautiful and so much fun to do. We have been told by numerous people that they like it more now that "its funny". We haven't changed anything recently, so maybe you've just got used to our humour? If this is the case, the next time you see someone fall over, please let me know your reaction. If it's anything like mine, it's an explosion of laughter, both inappropriate and dickhead-ish.

So I will leave you with the video below, which is my favourite scene from the episode. Happy Valentines Day Smegheads, be good to each other yeah?




jed & daniela



Isn't time weird? It feels like just yesterday when myself and podcast co-presenter Daniela "One L" Phillips decided to do a Red Dwarf podcast, and here we are, starting Series 4 like god damned pros. 'Camille' isn't an episode I particularly cared for while growing up, and I'd find myself inevitably skipping it on my treasured VHS, but this time around I was excited. As an adult I have a new perspective when viewing Red Dwarf. Episodes that felt flat as a kid now have more meaning. The "talky" episodes have now become a favourite. Have I matured? I doubt it, but I guess I've experienced more of the life moments that the "talky" episodes refer to.

In this podcast we have special guest Nick Alder and returning guest Tom Stabb! Yes that Tom Stabb of "Tongue Tied stats" fame. So not only do we get the points of view from these two, we also get an update on how Tongue Tied has done since we asked people to listen to it more. Has it gone up or down? Has the Smegheads effect worked?


I found this bit disturbing. Lister is just full on sex pest!

We also discuss who we would see if we got to meet a Pleasure GELF. The answers may be surprising to some. (I LOVE YOU 80S ERA PHOEBE CATES)

There is also a quiz involving the smoke machine again, so you also have that to look forward to. Thanks for downloading, listening and subscribing and we appreciate your support! Tell your mates and spread the word and we will keep making the podcast as awesome as possible!

We will leave you with this video I found on Youtube where someone has used to music from the end of 'Camille' to soundtrack a meeting of their teddybears. Makes perfect sense.

Next episode is 'DNA' and I think we have the BBC's Rob Jelly on. Should be tickety boo!


See you next week Smegheads!


jed & daniela



I am both scared and amazed by this. What is going on?