Jed & Rob do crime shows this week and it would be criminal not to listen in! Jed introduces a show that if it were in prison, it would be that big silent guy that nobody messes with and everyone has mad respect for - OZ... while Rob buddies up with that guy in prison who is always asking for a pull on your cigarette in the yard or if you've finished your potatoes and if not, can he have some - SNATCH.

One show kicked off the era of 'The Golden Age of Television' and the other... is SNATCH.

Enjoy this episode - well at least half of it!!

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The Pilot League Table


Planet Earth (19)

Lost (18.5)

The Office (UK) (18.5)

Breaking Bad (18.5)

Sopranos (18.5)

The Walking Dead (18)

The Good Place (18)

Stranger Things (17.5)

X-Files (17.5)

Downton Abbey (17.5)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer (17.5)

Daredevil (17)

Sherlock (17)

Orange Is The New Black (17)

The Young Ones (17)

The Simpsons (17)

Blindspot (17)

American Gods (16.5)

Knight Rider (16.5)

Black Books (16.5)

Gotham (16.5)

Billions (16.5)

Fringe (16.5)

Columbo (16.5)

American Horror Story (16.5)

The Flash (16)

Oz (16)

Mad Men (15.5)

Star Trek (15.5)

Porridge (15.5)

GLOW (15.5)

Green Wing (15.5)

Cheers (15)

Knowing Me, Knowing You (15)

Hard Knocks (15)

The Exorcist (15)

Series of Unfortunate Events (14.5)

Attack On Titan (14.5)

Bottom (14.5)

Family Guy (14.5)

Peaky Blinders (14.5)

Supergirl (14)

Red Dwarf (14)

Baywatch (14)

Dr.Who (14)

curb your enthusiasm (14)

Saved By The Bell (13.5)

The Office (US) (13)

Twin Peaks (13)

House (13)

Only Fools & Horses (13)

GBBO (12.5)

Pugwall (12.5)

The IT Crowd (12)

Friends (12)

Heat Vision & Jack (11)

Quantum Leap (9)

Snatch (7)


What would happen if one of the hosts of The Pilot had to have an operation in his groinal area on a day when the podcast is recorded? Why of course the only thing that can happen... we go on with the show, burst stitches or not! Yes Jed & Rob do things a little different this week but recording remotely, though through the magic of technology, you wouldnt be able to tell!

They discuss two of the biggest TV shows EVER and throw up a very surprising score. An (Planet) Earth shattering score to say the least.

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