You can tell from the title of this podcast episode that this week we are taking a look at two shows, whose central premise is that of either killing or being killed. As humans, why does this entertain us so much? Why is the act of bringing death upon someone (or yourself) so entertaining in this format? The answer is ESCAPISM!

The best TV shows let us escape into their realities, LOST lets us escape onto a desert island with beautiful people brought together by fate; Blue Planet shows us what life is like at the bottom of the oceans, somewhere we will never go ourselves… and Killing Eve shows us what its like to dress up as a maid and stab someone repeatedly. Now there are times when Rob and I have dressed up like maids and infiltrated a Russian party but we never ended up killing anyone - Rob stopped me before I took it too far. It’s this kind of escapism that lets us take a holiday in our mind, away from all the trouble and bleakness of reality.

This week we pit Killing Eve against Designated Survivor - both shows achieve the perfect mix of escapism and entertainment… but which has the better pilot episode? Find out this week on THE PILOT!

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